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My family always complains about how hard it is to buy a present for me on my birthday or at Christmas time. This year, though, I am going to make it as easy for them as I can. The only things I want them to buy for me are brent hinds guitar straps. My house is full of guitars. I have all the classics – a Les Paul, a Flying V, two different Strats and the obligatory Telecaster, plus a few extras lying around. I have amplifiers in several different sizes and brands and I have enough guitar cables to wire up my entire home town and then some. I also have plenty of guitar straps, but I have plenty of boring, plain, cheaply made, poor quality guitar straps. That is why I am hoping that they will give me brent hinds guitar straps as presents for Christmas. Hopefully by the end of december I will have enough brent hinds guitar straps for all of my guitars.

Why I want brent hinds guitar straps specifically

Sure, there are plenty of good quality, well made guitar straps available. Brent hinds guitar straps, though, all come from a company based in the Netherlands called Overdrive Straps. They are made by passionate musicians and engineers Cissie and Justus, and their straps are used by several top guitarists and bands, including:

  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from Mars Volta;
  • Jeff Schroeder from The Smashing Pumpkins;
  • Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal;
  • And of course brent hinds from Mastadon.

I have sent my family to and told them that they can pick from any of brent hinds guitar straps available on the site, and that I do not mind too much if they pick any others from Overdrive Straps either. There are five different brent hinds guitar straps listed on their site including a beautiful white and green Aztec design which I have seen him use live, and my favourite “Mojo Vibe” Orange Overdrive Strap, which to me is the most unique of the brent hinds guitar straps. They are all made out of high-quality materials and can even be customised, if you really think you can improve on the basic designs which Overdrive provides. I will be more than happy with any or all of the original designs, I do not think I would change anything on them if it is up to me.

No excuses for not buying me one

Of course, I would appreciate any gift that my family give me this Christmas, even if it is a pair of socks or a box of chocolates. I do not think that I could have made it any easier for them though. Overdrive Straps delivers worldwide and you can order online with no trouble at all, so I have no doubt they will be able to deliver long before Christmas time. Sure, for the kids the brent hinds guitar straps are a little out of their usual budget, but they know that they are more than welcome to club together to buy me one between them. My wife, at least, should definitely be on this, I have not exactly been dropping subtle hints, so I am pretty certain that I can expect at least one wrapped up under the tree come Christmas morning. Then they will all be treated to a display of my best metal riffs and shredding techniques on Boxing day. Or they can leave them house, whichever they prefer. I am looking forward to it either way.